Vortex Mixer

This sturdy, reliable mixers can adjust speed to meet different experimental requests. Multiple mixing modes, Touch and continuous operations. Aluminium cast base avoids unnecessary “walking”. A variety of optional adapters are available which process 70 samples at the same time to make the experiment more convenient and efficient. Wide speed range:0-3000rpm. Built-in short mix, Microprocessor control, LED display the speed and time. 

모델 Model

BVMX-101 (3000 rpm)

BVMX-102 (2800 rpm)

BVMX-103 (0-2500 rpm)

BVMX-104 (0-2800 rpm)

BVMX-201 (500-2500 rpm)

BVMX-301 (0 ~ 2500 rpm)

BVMX-302 (0 ~ 2500 rpm)

BVMX-303 (300 ~ 3000 rpm)

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